I am often asked what style of yoga I teach, which is an amalgamation of what I have learned from my many teachers over the last decade. My classes have changed a lot over the years, and in their current form are wholistic, pragmatic, moderate and intelligent. My goal is to provide a safe learning environment in which students of all ages and abilities can step onto the path of yoga and explore all that it has to offer. I balance active poses with restorative work, and my practice and teaching are very much influenced by my explorations into functional and creative movement, structural integration, and anatomy and physiology.

My biggest influences have been:

  • David Life and Sharon Gannon, who have taught me the importance of taking the seat of the teacher, and yoga as a path to transformation and liberation

  • The whole team at Jivamukti Yoga Toronto, who have supported me through many changes, and generously gave me a home to practise and teach at for many years

  • Judith Lasater, whose tireless mission to teach restorative yoga has inspired a more balanced approach in my practice and teaching

  • François Raoult, for the gift of his presence, great sense of humour, deep nurturing, and creative inspiration (both on the mat and in life!)

  • Laura Antelmi, for her devotion to the practice, and for reminding me that yoga is not a tool for our recreation, but instead, a real means to help others

I am also greatly inspired by the work of Dr. Ida Rolf, whose interest in yoga helped to shape her creation of Rolfing® Structural Integration. Her way of seeing and dealing with the experience of embodiment is truly radical and revolutionary.